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Asymmetric Resilient Cybersecurity

ARC Leadership

Chris Oehmen, Ph.D.

Chris Oehmen, Ph.D.
Initiative Lead and Chief Scientist
(509) 375-2038

Chris Oehmen serves as Initiative Lead and Chief Scientist for the ARC Initiative. In these roles, Chris oversees both the technical aspects of the execution of the overall ARC concepts and day-to-day operational and business matters.

Biography: Chris received his B.A. in physics and mathematics from Saint Louis University in 1995. He earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in biomedical engineering from the University of Memphis/University of Tennessee, HSC Joint program in 1999 and 2003, respectively. Since then, he has been at PNNL and currently leads the Asymmetric Resilient Cybersecurity Initiative, also serving as Chief Scientist. His research is built on a foundation of high performance computing applications in biology, with special emphasis on how these biological approaches can be used as a new paradigm for other fields such as cybersecurity.

Beginning with ScalaBLAST, an open source high performance biosequence analysis application developed by his team at PNNL, Chris has led efforts exploring a variety of connections between sequence analysis and national security applications including analysis of software binaries and network traffic. He has developed applications in both of these areas which are being transitioned into operational use. More recently, he has led multiple efforts focused on adaptive, resilient cyber systems inspired in part by complex biological systems. His resilience and active defense work rely on a foundational application of biological principles for survivability and regeneration. Chris has over seven years of experience developing, leading, and executing research programs for a variety of sponsors.

Scott Godwin

Scott Godwin
Strategic Partnerships and Delegate Initiative Lead
(509) 375-7201

Scott Godwin serves as the delegate lead for the initiative, helping ARC move through its culmination year toward a sunset year, highly focused on technology and concept transition. He helps set priorities for and executes strategic partnerships to facilitate transition of ARC technologies and concepts. Scott also leads coordination efforts with various components of National Security Directorate (NSD) sectors and in this role, he looks for opportunities for ARC as a whole, and for individual project concepts to be transitioned into new programs, projects, and operational platforms. Scott also assists with strategic planning for the initiative.

Biography: Scott currently serves as a general manager in the National Security Directorate at PNNL. He leads multiple programs within national security with a diverse collection of scientific, engineering, program management, business skills, and expertise with significant focus in cybersecurity. He and his teams deliver computational and statistically grounded solutions in national security, energy delivery, and scientific discovery.

Before joining PNNL in 2009, Scott spent 15 years at Microsoft Corporation in a variety of roles. As managing director, he led Microsoft's Business Operations function, and oversaw the worldwide operations business management, control and compliance, venture integration, and change management activities. As senior director in the Microsoft Platforms Product Group (Windows, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, SQL), Scott was responsible for business development, M&A, and execution of business strategy initiatives. While in this capacity, he also helped shape and implement Microsoft's approach to competitive and regulatory pressures including the Consent Decree with the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • acknowledged by Forbes magazine as the 2008 winner of the "Most Strategic Outsourcing Deal" (OneFinance initiative)
  • recognized for "The Most Important Shareholder Initiative in a Decade" (Motley Fool 3-08) leading the development of Investor Central
  • awarded Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Achievement for Business Practices Excellence
  • Bachelor's in finance and a minor in accounting from Seattle Pacific University; MBA from Washington State University
  • chairman of the board of UNIDOS-Nicaragua, Board Treasurer—Liberty Christian School.
Jodi Amaya

Jodi Amaya
Transition Planning, Market Intelligence, and Landscape Analysis
(509) 372-4337

Jodi Amaya leads many aspects of planning for transition and landscape analyses in support of ARC and its projects. She also provides perspectives on academic, laboratory, industry, and government work in ARC-related technology areas.

Biography: Jodi started her career at PNNL in 1984 and has since has become a subject matter expert in market, competitor, and technology assessments. Her work has spanned multiple areas across national security, energy, and environment, and includes

- evaluating emerging technologies against their mission based performance requirements

- evaluating the legal, regulatory, economic, environmental, and social implications impacting research and/or technology development/deployment; and

- evaluating the performance of new/alternative technologies against prevailing or competing technologies.

Nick Multari, Ph.D.

Nick Multari, Ph.D.
Lead Academic Liaison and Proposal Coordinator
(509) 375-2043

Nick Multari leverages his extensive experience and reputation with the national and international academic community to promote ARC across the scientific community and serve on academic and other councils and boards. He also serves as the initiative liaison with the Department of Defense. Nick leverages his knowledge of the ARC Initiative activities and his experience in government and academic circles to lead planning for ARC responses to upcoming calls for proposals. He also serves as project manager for successfully competed ARC-related external projects.

Biography: Nick joined PNNL in January 2012. Prior to joining PNNL, Nick spent ten years at Boeing serving in several roles managing research activities related to cybersecurity. He directed and led a group of 44 researchers conducting research, development, and technology assessment of cybersecurity and information assurance technologies in support of Boeing business unit needs. In 2008, he served as a consultant to the USAF Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) investigating the effects of the contested cyber environment on the USAF mission. Prior to joining Boeing, he spent five years at Scitor Corporation supporting the NRO in addressing its enterprise level information assurance needs. Nick started his career with the Air Force and completed a 20-year career as a computer scientist retiring as a Lt. Col. In the Air Force, his positions ranged from system acquisitions to networking to computer security management.

Nick is on the advisory board of the Risk Management program at the University of Washington. In addition, he is a member of the external advisory board to the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as the Software Engineering Program at Iowa State University. He received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Manhattan College, New York in 1976, a Masters in computing and information science from Trinity University, Texas in 1980, and a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin in 1989.

David Manz, Ph.D.

David Manz, Ph.D.
Strategic Testbed Coordination and Federation
(509) 372-5995

David Manz develops and executes a strategy for federated testbed activities within PNNL and with external collaborators. This helps create a unified approach to how, when, and why various testbeds at PNNL are integrated, and helps ensure this integration will build toward strategically relevant capabilities. Additionally, he leads design and implementation of a platform for integrating physical and virtual models and control systems.

Biography: David has been a cybersecurity research scientist at PNNL since January 2010. He holds a B.S. in computer information science from the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon (2003), and an M.S. (2005) and Ph.D. (2010) in computer science from the University of Idaho.

David's work at PNNL focuses on research projects for critical infrastructure, control systems, and information assurance. These projects include group key management protocols, secure control system communication, and emergency management. David has also contributed to the development and analysis of the Secure SCADA Communications Protocol and has assisted in human factors situational cybersecurity awareness research. Prior to his work at PNNL, David spent over five years as a researcher on Group Key Management Protocols for the Center for Secure and Dependable Systems at the University of Idaho (U of I). In this position, he researched Group Key Management Protocols on wireless and partially connected networks. He also received the NSF Cyber Corps Scholarship for Service Fellowship. In 2006, David held an internship with the Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences at the University of Maryland where he worked in the field of delay tolerant networks, explored topology generation and modeling, and evaluated open source tools to enable network protocol research, development, and testing. From 2001 to 2003, David was the senior system administrator for the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon where he was responsible for the entire network and student lab. David also has considerable experience teaching undergraduate and graduate computer science courses at U of I, and as an adjunct faculty at WSU. David has co-authored numerous papers and presentations on cybersecurity, control systems, and cryptographic key management.

Tom Harper, Ph.D.

Tom Harper, Ph.D.
Cyber Strategy
Liaison To DOE
(509) 372-4570

Tom Harper contributes to ARC strategic planning to ensure that ARC aligns properly with PNNL strategies and priorities. Tom also represents ARC activities to DOE Headquarters for strategic planning, and facilitates activities in support of a federated testbed strategy.

Biography: Coming soon.

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